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Higher Education on Facebook

October 23rd, 2009

Stalking is ok if its on facebook

When talking about Facebook, Tracy Mitrano,  The IT Director of Cornell had this to say in her facebook 2.0 viewpoints;

“Let’s “face” it: Facebook has built the site, and students use it; we in higher education should come to recognize that this universal commercial site is here to stay. We should use it for advertising and for communications—and certainly for emergency messaging.”

She wrote this post in 2008, and started to have the idea in 2006, and she hit the nail on the head.  Facebook is  definitely here to stay. 

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Parents Struggle with Letting Go

September 14th, 2009
No Mom you can not move into the dorm with me

No Mom you can not move into the dorm with me

It’s September, also known as the end of summer. More widely known as back-to-school season. Kids are moving up in grade school, some entering high school, Juniors are becoming Seniors, and many teens worldwide are leaving the nest and moving into college dorms away from home. While this is an important decision made by students who are ready for the change, some parents struggle with letting go. » Read more: Parents Struggle with Letting Go

10 Steps to Avoid The Freshman 15

September 9th, 2009

That scale must be wrong it says I gained 30 pounds instead of 15
That scale must be wrong it says I gained 30 pounds instead of 15

Students mention it on campus. Friends of yours give you warnings. You’ve heard the stories about it. There’s no doubt that college students everywhere are following the “Beware the Freshman 15” message that is floating around campus.

What is it?

The “Freshman 15” is a term used to describe the weight gain many college students experience (usually in their Freshman year). Dormitory food is usually high in fat and calories, and you may not have the free time you once had for exercise.  Before you know it WAM! you have just gained 15 pounds. You don’t notice it but, when you come home for thanksgiving your friends and family sure will.  Follow this simple guide to steer clear of the infamous threat. » Read more: 10 Steps to Avoid The Freshman 15

Video For Teachers By Teachers!

January 5th, 2009
For teachers by teachers

Teachers, Get some popcorn and a notepad. You now have help to plan your lessons. Thanks to Jason and Adam Smith of Dallas Texas, teachers have access to over 50,000 videos. For teachers By teachers!

“It is allowing teachers from all over the world to share with each other and learn from one another,” said Adam, “We want to create a grassroots movement in transforming how teachers teach and students learn.”

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Learn Another Language Fast

January 2nd, 2009

Studying a foreign language can be highly beneficial in the real world.

Managers might review resumes and applications, and invite you to come in for an interview afterwards. During the interview, you’ll be asked questions about yourself so that they can better understand who you are. One of these might be, “Do you speak any other languages?”

High school students often take some foreign language courses as part of elective credits before graduation. Some continue this education into college, but is it really thorough teaching and learning?

Many books, audio tapes and CDs, and computer games have been made to enhance learning. However, Rosetta Stone has been deemed the most effective program. » Read more: Learn Another Language Fast