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State Budget Cuts Are Here?

January 26th, 2009

Although state officials everywhere are making attempts at continuing to fund classrooms, increasing budget cuts may lead to the loss of many useful and even necessary tools. An example of this is the case for the Star System, used by over a hundred school districts in Tennessee.

The Star System is the name of the software package that manages the attendance, schedules, and discipline of students in the schools. It is also the way the schools’ reports are sent to the state. Word is pending by Tennessee state governor Phil Bredesen of whether or not this budget item will be cut. Should that be the case, funds will no longer be provided for it, and schools will have to either find their own management software or pay for a state contract. » Read more: State Budget Cuts Are Here?

Learn Another Language Fast

January 2nd, 2009

Studying a foreign language can be highly beneficial in the real world.

Managers might review resumes and applications, and invite you to come in for an interview afterwards. During the interview, you’ll be asked questions about yourself so that they can better understand who you are. One of these might be, “Do you speak any other languages?”

High school students often take some foreign language courses as part of elective credits before graduation. Some continue this education into college, but is it really thorough teaching and learning?

Many books, audio tapes and CDs, and computer games have been made to enhance learning. However, Rosetta Stone has been deemed the most effective program. » Read more: Learn Another Language Fast