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Stalking is ok if its on facebook

When talking about Facebook, Tracy Mitrano,  The IT Director of Cornell had this to say in her facebook 2.0 viewpoints;

“Let’s “face” it: Facebook has built the site, and students use it; we in higher education should come to recognize that this universal commercial site is here to stay. We should use it for advertising and for communications—and certainly for emergency messaging.”

She wrote this post in 2008, and started to have the idea in 2006, and she hit the nail on the head.  Facebook is  definitely here to stay. 


“there is no privacy on the Internet and, second, that youth have no interest in it. What remains fascinating is our ability to observe the re-creation of cultural norms whose existence in the physical world is largely assumed, repressed, or forgotten.”

Most adults cringe at the thought of thier day to day activites being posted online, they enjoy privacy and know of potential repercussions that can happen if someone knows too much.  One only has to look online nowadays to see the lastest scandle of a polititan or movie star.  These people’s lives are pushed under a microscope for all to see. 

Kids on the other hand take great effort to post the news themselves.  They want the world to know, and in thier world it is the norm.


  Tracy suggests three key things

  1. user education, especially for adolescents and their parents;
  2. new features connecting higher education’s missions to the popular site;
  3. legal and policy considerations on a global scale.


The end result for higher education and Facebook is different then what you may think, yes we need to do what Tracy says. Yes Tracy hit the Nail on the head in 2006.  What Higher Education needs is more IT Directors like Tracy and for the Administration to listen to them.  For its not about Facebook, its about knowing the top technological trends and keeping current with them. 



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