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Flobots Handlebars Video Meaning

January 16th, 2009


Students, the Flobots Handlebars Video is excellent and full of symbolism. Of course people will interpret it in their own way, but after reading on many sites what other people have to say about it, I feel a lot are giving the “poor guy” way too much credit as being “good”.


 Short Version: The video is about how a leader’s actions/indifference can affect those around them.


Long Version:


Power is not just about wealth that is only a piece of the puzzle. The other pieces are Connections, and Force. Each can cancel one out (wealth buys force, force neutralizes connections, connections overcomes wealth.) You are not truly powerful in a practical sense unless you have all three pieces. If you understand the triangle of power you will understand this video a lot better » Read more: Flobots Handlebars Video Meaning