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Outrage Over College Application System? … Please!!

January 2nd, 2009
I blame my procrastination on computers!

I Blame my Procrastination on Computers!

According to a NY Times Article, Applications for Colleges Clog System, students and parents where upset that the Common Application computer system was not adequate enough to handle the last minute load on New Year’s Eve to meet this year’s deadline.

Here are a few tips for students and parents to avoid frustration in the future;

Do not wait to the LAST MINUTE to send in your applications. The correct time to send an application is several weeks before the deadline.

Highways always have traffic jams, phone networks go down on New Year’s Eve. If these established infrastructures have problems, it can be assumed that a computer system that handles the applications of over 300 major colleges/universities will too. Be practical.

Understand that if you do send your application at the last minute, you are lumped in with the rest of the estimated 65% of applicants who just did the same thing as you. This is bad. Errors can happen, you can be overlooked, you do not give yourself time to correct mistakes; and finally, when you apply for anything, it pays to separate yourself from the rabble.